The District offers a number of conservation related products, an annual bareroot tree and shrub program and semi annual fish stocking programs. Read below for more details!
The District conducts an annual tree and shrub sale for landowners in Chenango County to encourage landowners to plant trees, shrubs, wildflowers and grasses for conservation and wildlife purposes. The tree and shrub sale is held annually during the winter and spring and all orders are prepaid and prepackaged. The pickup day is usually scheduled for the middle of April with planting demostrations to ensure planting success. The District pre-orders all of our inventory from a nursery with diverse tree species and sizes. If you need help selecting the right tree species, please call our offices and we can help. You can download and print an order form from the link on this page and mail it to our office with payment.

Disclaimer: Since the District cannot ensure proper planting and/or optimal weather conditions, our nursery stock is not guaranteed nor can we issue full or partial refunds for unsuccessful plantings.
The District conducts a fish stocking program once a year. Held every other year, the District will sell bass, minnows, perch, grass carp and catfish in the spring and brown, brook and rainbow trout in the fall. The District can provide a copy of the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation pond stocking permit or a grass carp permit for landowners and assist in it's submission. All orders a prepaid and pick up will occur on the date specified in the order form. Please call for additional information!

Chenango County Soil & Water Conservation District

"You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today."
Abraham Lincoln.

The District sells a variety of products throughout the year including full size USGS 7.5 Minute Series Topographical Maps, Chenango County Highway Maps, and aerial photographs both current and historical. Historical flights that are available for copy are the 1936, 1955, 1965, and 1977 flights. Other types of maps that are available for printing are: soils maps, flood plain delineation maps and snowmobile maps. There is a small fee for 8"x 11" colored maps with a maximum printing size of 11" x 17".Check out our fee schedule for more details!
SWCD Pond Construction Process
The small dike constructed on this pond creates a large, relatively shallow pond. This type of pond is great for ducks, geese and small amphibians.
For individuals applying for an agricultural exemption, a Soil Group Worksheet (APD-1) must be completed by the Soil and Water Conservation District. In New York State, an agricultural exemption partially reduces the assessed value of farmland to assist food growers in remaining economically viable within the state. The exemption is based upon the relative productivity of the mapped soil type on the acreage that is farmed. The District provides the landowner and the assessor with acreage and soil type information so that the exemption can be calculated. The cost of the worksheet for new parcels is $15.00, for updated parcels the cost is $10.00. Two copies will be provided to the landowner and one copy will be retained by the SWCD for reference purposes. You can learn more information from your Town's Assessor on eligibility requirements, application, and other questions concerning the exemption.
Technical staff from the Soil and Water Conservation District can provide assistance to landowners interested in constructing both embankment and dugout ponds. The District is limited to assisting landowners who are interested in building an embankment pond that has a dike that is less that 15' in height and less than 3 million gallons of water. If the landowner seeks the assistance of the Soil and Water Conservation District, the staff will provide a design and oversee the construction of the pond. The District charges a $500.00 deposit to interested landowners. Once the pond is fully completed, $250.00 of that deposit will be returned to the landowner. If you would like more information on the process of building a pond, the Chenango County SWCD pond policy may provide more information. You may also call our office and ask to speak to a technician.
Technical staff from the SWCD will assist landowners in applying for a stream disturbance permit through the United States Army Corps on Engineers and the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation. The SWCD will advise the landowner on what methods are appropriate to implement, fill out all necessary paperwork and maps and then give the application packet to the landowner for submission. Designs, cross-sections and any other related material generated by the Soil and Water Conservation District are to be used for application purposes and should not be considered a professional engineered design. For information regarding stream disturbance permits contact the Region 7 New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Office.
Amphibians & Reptiles
The side panel displays wildlife and habitat informational leaflets from the NRCS Wildlife Habitat Management Institute. The leaflets can provide landowners who are interested managing their property for wildlife with information including; a brief description, ecological significance, habitat requirements, threats, food requirements, and breeding habitat. The District office also has library of technical guides and resources pertaining to forestry, land management, grassland and pasture management, agronomy, and related topics.
Adobe Acrobat is required to open the files.
Northern Bobwhite
Cottontail Rabbit
Grassland Nesting Birds
Invasive Species
Mourning Dove
Freshwater Mussels
Rainbow Trout
Nesting Structures
Ring-Necked Pheasant
Riparian Systems
Wild Turkey
Wood Duck
Farm Pond Ecosystems
Forests for Fish & Wildlife Management
Importance of Disturbance in Habitat Management
AG Exemption Question & Answer Brochure
NYS Office of Real Property Tax & Finance
Windbreaks and Shelterbelts
Riparian Forest Buffers